Sweet Cece’s Nashville, TN 37205


Sweet Cece’s Nashville, TN 37205

Sweet Cece’s is by far one of the most amazingly delicious experiences anyone can find in Nashville.

Every now and then on my way to The Great Escape, I take a small detour and head down Harding Rd to Sweet Cece’s Nashville, for a delicious frozen treat. Inside the store one will find a silver wall with eight different dispensers of the eight featured flavors that week. So each week one will get a completely new experience! Usually they have their Original Tart displayed, so it’s more like seven different flavors each week but that is a small gripe. Sweet Cece’s doesn’t just serve frozen yogurt either they include some marvelous fruit sorbets if you’re lactose intolerant or just looking for something a little lighter.

After picking up your cup and filling it with whatever luscious flavor you select you are then given the overwhelming choice of choosing your toppings. Sweet Cece’s keeps a selection of dried and fresh ingredients in stock ranging from almonds and M&M’s to fresh fruit like strawberries, cantaloupe, and coconut shavings.

After agonizing over what amazing toppings should go on your amazing Froyo it’s time to pay up. Place your bowl on the scale and boom you’re ready to go. So you must ask yourself: do you fill your bowl all the way with heavenly frozen yogurt? Or do you leave plenty of room to pile high all the toppings your heart desires? Either delicious way I guarantee a trip to Sweet Cece’s of Nashville will not disappoint, so the next time you’re in West Nashvegas be sure to stop by, and if you do would you kindly bring me some too?

Rating by landon: 5.0 stars

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