The Great Escape Nashville, TN 37209

The Great Escape, Nashville


The Great Escape Nashville TN 37209


The Great Escape, Nashville is a smorgasbord of awesome music, movies, and geek paraphernalia. To put it simply it is worth checking out even if you consider yourself a passing media fan.

Along the busy streets of western Nashville, right off of I-40, the intrepid explorer may notice a small strip-mall impolitely squatting on Charlotte Avenue. Look a little closer and this explorer will find a hidden gem in the brick-a-brack in the form of The Great Escape, Nashville. This unassuming store front hides one of the largest collections of used and new music, movies, video games, books and comics in the greater Nashville area.

Inside is a treasure trove, a real geeks dream, among the neatly organized aisles one can find all manner of interesting merchandise from the newest music of pop idols to the great films of yesteryear, all are equally represented here. The staff are courteous and friendly and the prices are truly down to earth, easily beating out other similar companies in the area.

Upon entering the store to the left one is greeted with rows of CD’s organized alphabetically into their respective genres. There are easily thousands of albums to choose from and more are added each day. The music selection varies weekly, much like everything in the store, so even if they don’t have the album you’re looking for today come back the next week or even the next day and you might be surprised.

Past the music and to the right one will find the motion pictures and video games section. Once more the organization is very evident and one can tell that the store owners clean throughout the day to keep the shelves orderly and uncluttered. The tiles offered can be anything from the most current Hollywood blockbuster to the silent films of the 30’s. The same goes for the video games selection, everything from the early Atari 2800 to the current generation of consoles is represented here. One of the niftier items available are the Yobo FC3 consoles which play both NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) cartridges.

Finally, right next to the movies and video games is The Great Escape Nashville’s extensive collection of vinyl records. The record selection is impeccable, and quite a few rare items can be found tucked among the shelves. Recently The Great Escape has been doing quite a few events centered around its’ album collection, at one point giving away boxes full of records for a whopping total of $1. If you’re a collector of vinyl The Great Escape should be included on your list of great places to buy music.

As for myself, I’m a bit of a comic book nerd and The Great Escape has not let me down yet. Every time I enter in I’m transported to the ultimate level of geekery, Star Wars, Spiderman, and other pieces of memorabilia line the store walls forming a comforting layer of instant familiarity to the life-long geek. The newest prints are aligned on the far left hand wall and I’ve not yet been disappointed by their selection. They also have a huge selection of back log titles all easily searchable and in alphabetical order from Batman to Supes himself.

The Great Escape also has another treat tucked in its aisles of wonderment: The Great Escape Half-Price or Less outlet store. Here the organisation can get a little bit hectic, but hey that’s understandable. There is a veritable horde of awesome things to find in this little corner, all 50% off the already great price. Definitely worth spending some time here searching for that particular something.

All in all The Great Escape, Nashville is a fantastic little store packed to the brim with awesome stuff. Even if you consider yourself a passing media fan you owe it to yourself to check this place out.

Rating by landon: 4.5 stars

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