Fast Food Sub Shop Nashville

logoWith 10 nearby locations throughout the Nashville area, WhichWich is by far one of the best fast food sub shops. With a very positive atmosphere, it is a great place to visit with friends. Each shop is painted with vibrant colors, has an easy ordering process, and provides excellent customer service.

WhichWich is best known for its easy and creative ordering process. After walking in, you simply select your sandwich bag, grab a red sharpie, and then choose the ingredients you want to add on. From choosing your bread, your cheese, your sauces, your veggies, etc., WhichWich provides over 50 customizable sandwiches. These sandwiches are reasonably priced: $5.50 for a small, $6.50 for a medium, and $10.50 for a large. I can honestly say that the small or medium sized sandwiches are enough to fill you up. I could not tell you the last time I was able to finish a large on my own!  After creating your sandwich, you write your name at the bottom of the bag, your sandwich is prepared, ready in minutes and delivered to you in your personal bag. After you’re done eating, if you want to doodle or sketch on the back of your bag, you can hang it up on WhichWich’s community wall! This fast food sub shop provides both excellent food and a fun and creative atmosphere.

Nashville’s Best Fast Food Sub Shop

After looking over the many reviews on Yelp, WhichWich easily received ratings between 3-5 stars. Everyone had something positive to say about the sub shop: from the quality of the sandwiches and their contents, to the customer service they received, and to the overall atmosphere of the shop. I was initially introduced to the sub shop via word of mouth. Friends always recommended it, and I can honestly say that after my first visit, I was hooked. For anyone looking for the best fast food sub shop in the Nashville area, WhichWich is where it’s at.