Market Basket Liquors, Lebanon, TN

Market Basket Liquors, Lebanon, TNMarket Basket Liquors, Lebanon, TN

1505 W Main St
Lebanon, TN 37087
(615) 449-7115

Market Basket Liquors, Lebanon, TN is a full service package store selling liquor, spirits, cordials, champagne, and wine with a unique ambiance and friendly service.

Market Basket Liquors located on Main Street in Lebanon, TN has everything you want and more! They sell moonshine – to top shelf bourbons and tequilas – red, white and pink wines – to sweet or bitter cordials – and French champagne and good ole’ USA sparklers – everything you need to make any cocktail special.

You must stop by this quirky, friendly, and well-stocked liquor store in Lebanon, TN. If you live in Lebanon – this needs to be your go-to-store! If you don’t live there, it’s worth the trip.

Replete with chandeliers, stuffed turkeys and loads of wine and liquor, the staff can help you find what you want or will let you look around at your leisure. Plus they have discounts on wine every week. Sign up for the weekly newsletter and you will receive an email detailing all the specials and new arrivals at the store. And an added bonus – they give you a cocktail recipe to try out when you’re feeling adventurous (or thirsty).

Every Friday night Market Basket hosts an in-store wine tasting – who doesn’t like a free sip of wine?! Good way to start out a date night, yes?! And a great way to learn something new. Usually from 5 to 7 pm the wine tastings showcase about four wines ranging from light to full bodied and something in between. Local musicians have been known to stop in for an impromptu session during the tastings. Wine and music for free – doesn’t get much better than that!

If you are new to the wine world or want to try something new, maybe learn a little about the selection they have at the Market Basket, then talk to the wine guru and proprietor Brooke Hawkins. She is fascinating to listen to and knows her subject! She will help you find the right wine for your next dinner party or Sunday at the river.

The friendly service at Market Basket Liquors is, frankly, the main reason to go to this shop. You can find alcohol and wine on most every corner in town, but the staff and ownership of Market Basket keep you coming back. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and will listen to your stories and share some of their own. It’s like stopping into a friend’s house for a quick conversation and smiles.

For your next wine purchase or stock the bar party or Monday night stress relief, stop into Market Basket Liquors in Lebanon, TN!

Rating by Collins: 5.0 stars

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  1. What a great treasure. I was amazed to find a bottle of Elements by Artesia. This is by far the best wine store in the county!

  2. Bob Henderson says

    Great wine selections!