Whiskey Kitchen Nashville – An Experienced Customer’s Review

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Whiskey Kitchen in Nashville, TN is one of those rare great finds that excels in multiple areas without sacrificing originality and quality. Whether you are going for a date, going out with friends, or taking your sweet grandma to lunch after church, this trendy place will make your day. The menu is diverse and offers high quality selections for a moderate budget. And oh yeah, did I mention they have a lot of whiskey?

Located in the Gulch area of Nashville, TN, Whiskey Kitchen has a trendy, hip feel without putting off tourists or “newbies” that might not be privy to some secret “hipster code”.  Rough wood doors and walls with low hanging lights from the extra-tall ceiling makes you feel like you stepped into a good-ole Tennessee barn. But don’t get me wrong; the place is clean and fresh. You won’t find any country bumpkins working around here.

The menu features things from their famous “Yam Fries”, cheeseburgers with top-quality beef from their sister restaurant and ultra-fancy “Kayne Prime Steakhouse” to pizza, and incredible seafood. It’s a short menu that easily fits on a few pages, so the Kitchen only has to focus on making each and every dish the best possible – not keep stock of too many ingredients that may lead to a lack of freshness and a lack of expertise of each item by the chef. However, the succinct but incredibly sufficient food selection is only half of the menu you’ll receive when you sit down. More than half of their menu is dedicated to their extensive whiskey collection and cocktail creations. It seems you could go every day for months and never try the same whiskey twice.

<h2> TheBest way to Experience Whiskey Kitchen in Nashville.  </h2>


There are numerous seating options and each has its own appeal and unique experience. If you are on a date, I’d suggest sitting at one of their high-top round tables in the center of the restaurant. It’s a more intimate dining experience, but you get to be in the center of the action and watch the restaurant buzz around you (perhaps while you’re a bit buzzed yourself – on love… or of course the whiskey). However, don’t confuse intimate with crowded. Even in the middle of the action, you’ll have plenty of personal space to relax and get to know your date a little better.

If you’re out with friends, sit at one of the oversized booths. Each booth is adjacent to a large window that lets you view the high-clientele and artists walking around the gulch. These cushy leather seats will let you relax in style while not fatiguing your hind-quarters. Fill the large table with several appetizers (I recommend an extra order of the yam fries and you can’t leave without trying their golden, fried calamari).

The outside patio is the perfect place for an after-church or shopping spree meal with a small group of close friends or family members. There is a rock fire in the middle to keep you warm when it’s a little colder, and the patio is covered in case of a light drizzle. So don’t let either of these two conditions (if they are fairly mild) scare you away from this experience at Whiskey Kitchen.

At night, the patio becomes more of a standing room only place for networking and celebrations. This goes for the bar as well. The bar is a great place to sit any time of day to stare at the beautiful shelves of whiskey that stretch twenty feet in the air. If you want a cocktail, spring for the Mojito, but ask the experienced bartender to make his own version – with dark spiced rum. There are a few televisions to watch the current sporting events, but they are not overwhelming, and Whiskey Kitchen in Nashville is not the place for rowdy sports fans wanting to scream at their team. Expect a much classier experience than going to Buffalo Wild Wings with the guys for Monday Night Football.

So there’s an experienced customer’s review on Whiskey Kitchen Nashville. If you are bringing in friends to Nashville for only a couple of days – this is a place I’d put at a high priority to showcase the best the city has to offer. Good for many occasions – after you experience it, this is not a place you’ll only go to once.