One Of The Most Unique Restaurants In Nashville: Monell’s

unique restaurants in nashville

Whether you are visiting America’s Music City or a current resident, one of the most unique restaurants in Nashville is Monell’s.

When you are craving truly authentic southern food, Monell’s hits on all cylinders. Whether you enjoy chicken and dumplings or meatloaf on Mondays, fried catfish and spinach lasagna on Fridays, or any other daily special, you will taste true southern food in every bite.

The Weekend Country Breakfast includes smoked sausage, bacon, biscuits and gravy, country ham, fried apples, pancakes, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, cheese grits, skillet-fried chicken, corn pudding, and coffee. (Yes, I said ‘skillet-fried chicken…for breakfast). Try it…You’ll find that it may be the best fried chicken you have ever had. And, you’ll ask for more.

And, although I cannot confirm or deny this, I believe the corn pudding may be cooked with bacon grease to give it an extra boost of southern flavor.

You may be thinking ‘Yeah, I’ve had eggs and pancakes for breakfast before…What makes this special?’ Monell’s is not a chain. There are real people in the kitchen making everything from scratch.

All non-breakfast meals are served with a daily meat, several hot southern vegetables, salads, drink, dessert, and biscuits. And it wouldn’t be truly southern without their famous skillet-fried chicken served at every meal!

But it’s not just the food that will attract you to Monell’s…


Unique Restaurant…Unique Experience

unique restaurants in nashvilleTheir downtown location is set in an old brick home, built in 1880.

When you walk in, be sure to look down. You will see the original wood floors with original square nails! Be sure to look around and take in the craftsmanship and historic nature of the home, itself.

All meals are served communal style. You will sit at a long table with others who have come for a taste of true southern food, history, and hospitality. There are a few rules, though. No cell phones are allowed. Take as much as you can eat, but eat all you take. And always pass the bowls to the left. As they say, you will ‘enter as strangers but leave as friends’.

Monell’s location in downtown Nashville (1265  6th Ave N. in Germantown, near the Farmer’s Market) is very popular. However, they have expanded to include 4 locations around middle Tennessee, including Café Monell’s, located in the Berry Hill area. Monell’s also offers catering, and can host weddings and rehearsal dinners.

So, when you are in Nashville, looking for a true southern experience from authentic southern food, to southern historic settings, to southern hospitality, visit Monell’s.

It’s “Great Southern Food Served Family Style In Historic Settings”.