The Pharmacy Nashville, TN

the pharmacy nashvilleLooking for a fun local burger parlor in Nashville? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Pharmacy is a new local restaurant on the East side of Nashville where you can enjoy a local burger under the stars. What better way than to be outside enjoying delicious food with great people. And to top it off, their patio seating is one of their unique qualities that keep bringing the locals back!

They offer many unique specialty burgers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! If you can find a parking spot (which we all know is near to impossible in Nashville…) then come on in and have a drink and a tasty burger! They not only are known for their tasty burgers, but for their German style brats and worldwide beers. You won’t want to miss out on this local restaurant!

Great Burgers in Nashville

The specialty burgers range between $7 – $9 making our burgers that much more appealing because you feel like royalty with your over the top burger, but you are paying the same price you would anywhere else for a great tasting burger! If I were to recommend a unique burger it would be the Mission City Burger. This out of the box burger incorporates one of my favorite toppings, guacamole, and puts a new spin on your classic burger. Definitely something new to try out!

The outdoor experience is one of the best features of the restaurant because you can have a fun night sitting outside with friends and family right under the stars of Nashville! The service is great and the fact that they use 100% Tennessee beef and make their own condiments says even more about their character as a local restaurant. Even though you have to wait a bit longer to be seated outside, it is definitely worth the wait to get the full experience at The Pharmacy.