Sambuca Nashville TN 37023

Sambuca Nashville TN



Sambuca offers, Lunch. Dinner. Live music. Event Venue. Rehearsal Dinners. Wedding Receptions.

Sambuca in Nashville, TN has a great atmosphere. Its super romantic if you want to go on a date with your girlfriend or just go somewhere different. The food is excellent and the staff is really friendly. I would recommend the place for sure to anyone. The music is really great I think the restaurant does a great job of balancing everything out music wise for anyone in there. The place had a very nice feeling to it or maybe its just because I’m to used to fast food joints. I found the prices to be reasonable for this type of restaurant, not only can it be a family based restaurant but it does a great job for any type of crowd coming in. Whether is for a simple business lunch to a more romantic evening, Sambuca is a restaurant for everybody. I wasn’t sure of the history of the place, to me it seems like the music brought some history to the place but yet again it could be because were in Music City. This is a restaurant that must be experienced if you are gonna be in the downtown area. Check Sambuca out of your looking for a good time.

Rating by josue: 4.0 stars

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