Rocketown Nashville TN

Rocketown Nashville TN

When walking down 4th Avenue South, you can sometimes hear the sounds of music and teens having a great time down at Rocketown in Nashville TN.  If you haven’t heard of Rocketown, or you don’t really know what all they do, just keep on reading!!

Rocketown Nashville is a Christian non-profit organization.  It is a music venue that host shows for bands that are lesser known.  It’s complete with multiple stages, with two different buildings, an indoor skate park, clothing shop, as well as a café.  All of which are completely fun.  The atmosphere is amazing!

Rocketown Nashville TN is targeted for teens and young adults.  That is Rocketown’s only downfall.  But that does not mean that parents are not welcome.  Most every time that I am there I always see a group of parents sitting together at the TV or in one of the side rooms talking over coffee.  That being said, most if not all of the events are targeted for teens.  I love going there at least once a month for different concerts and such.  But then again I’m in the targeted age range.

For Rocketown Nashville TN, it’s not all just about music and skating.  The organization hosts all kinds of events.  Each week there is something new!  Sometimes they hold workshops for teens in need of talking out some problems among peers.  Whether it is a movie night, fashion show, or art’s night, Rocketown’s first priority is the youth.  Currently each Tuesday they hold what is called “Skate Church”.  It’s free and open to the public.  While there, they hold a small Bible meeting, and then skate together until closing time.  Wednesdays they hold B-Boys Practice.  Also free and open to the public as well.  Each Thursday at Rocketown Nashville TN they host a Potluck Bible Study.  Everyone gets together to share words from the Bible over a great meal.  Those are just the current events going on now.  But they are open seven days a week.  For some teens it’s a safe haven.

Rocketown Nashville TN has some pretty awesome goals set in place to help today’s youth.  With these events that they host, they also have rules.  They don’t serve alcohol, they don’t put up with violence or anything near it.  They don’t allow cursing on stage whether by the audience, staff or even the performers themselves.  All in all they are providing a safe place for teens to come out and have a good time with their family and their friends.  Together with hosting the events while strictly enforcing their rules teen’s can be safely trusted at Rocketown.  I find it refreshing that there is a great venue for our youth to get together, hangout, and all in all have a great time.  Rocketown Nashville’s staff also doesn’t have a problem escorting a troublesome teen or crowd off the premises either.

In conclusion, I absolutely love Rocketown Nashville TN.  My friends and I try to go at least once every month or two.  Together we have a blast going to shows.  While there we occasionally will enter into some ping-pong challenges that they hold in the main room.  There is just something so cool about being able to go to a concert at a venue that you know you’ll have fun at.  I don’t mind leaving with my voice almost gone from singing along with all the music, and my ears ringing from all the great beats.  I honestly see my friends and I continuing to go to Rocketown for years to come.  Just like we have been for years in the past. I recommend Rocketown for those young folks seeking a fun time.  They always have their shows posted on their web site so those interested should check it out and see which show you’d like to attend.  The atmosphere is amazing, and everyone is always so kind.  It’s the only place that you can get smacked in the face with a flying ping-pong ball and continue to laugh about it while throwing it back.  Rocketown Nashville TN is great place whether for yourself or your kids.  It’s a venue you can trust sending your kids to.

Rating by marissap: 5.0 stars

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