Pied Piper Restaurant Nashville TN 37216

Pied Piper

Pied Piper Restaurant is a good place to take your kids, enjoy good food and a fun atmosphere.

Pied Piper restaurant in Nashville is a family friendly diner located on Riverside Drive in South Inglewood near East Nashville. They have a rock-n-roll theme throughout the restaurant from the table tops to the restrooms. The menu at Pied Piper is amusing to read with musical names for their dishes. Around the East Nashville community they are known for their “Fleetwood Mac ‘n Cheese”, the “Fried, Sally Fried” dill pickle slices and “Bonnaroo’s Most Wanted” Vegetarian Burger. Pied Piper serves breakfast all day long with biscuits on Saturday and Sunday. They even have takeout but there is a small fee to offset their costs. East Nashville is known for their sense of community, which you see first hand at Pied Piper restaurant with all of the children in the place playing together at the train and toy table. Good food in a laid back atmosphere makes Pied Piper restaurant one of  Nashville’s favorite places.

Rating by anna: 4.0 stars
****Pied Piper Restaurant Nashville TN