Bobby’s Idle Hour is the Best Dive Bar In Nashville

Best Nashville Dive BarNestled on a corner, midway down 16th avenue on Music Row is the best dive bar in Nashville – known as Bobby’s Idle Hour Tavern. For the past 35 years it has actually been the only live music venue located on Music Row. Don’t let the term “Music Venue” fool you, this is a dive bar where aspiring songwriters from everywhere converge to sing their songs, trade miseries, network with other aspiring songwriters, and start an occasional brawl. Whenever you notice that both popcorn and Rolaids are on the menu, you know you are in a dive bar. It’s cash only at this joint, you’re AmEx will not be accepted. When there is a dry-erase board in the men’s room for writing messages on the wall, you know you might be in a dive bar! Taped on the walls and columns are dollar bills with salutations written on them. From everywhere, travelers, songwriters, music fans have left their dollar-sized billboard commemorating their visit.

It’s all about the Authentic Nashville Dive Bar Atmosphere

Very little has changed in this Old-Nashville dive bar since it was founded. This is not a tourist trap. This is a smoke-filled hang out for beer drinking, guitar picking, down-on-your-luck types that share a common dream – writing a hit song. Some just got off the bus from Nowhere USA, some have been hanging out in here for decades. For new comers, it’s easy to make friends and fit right in, as long as you are not wound too tight. Striking up a conversation will likely lead to stories of how it was in the old days when Country was Country, or how close someone came to getting that big break, or how using a minor chord can add suspense to a bridge. The one thing you can be assured of is that you will enjoy the Best Nashville Dive Bar experience that there ever was. Bring Cash.