Nashville Shores Water Park

Nashville shores water park logo.

I’ve heard great things about Nashville Shores, but I personally didn’t know how great it was.

When we arrived everyone was greeting us with very positive attitudes. We were offered a locker to store all our personal belongings. We then went to the bathroom to change in to our bathing suits. They offered us a tour of the place, but we chose to explore the park on our own. Everything looked perfect. There were just enough trees for shade. There was an average amount of people, so it wasn’t so crowded. The park looked nice, and clean.

The first place we went to was the country wave. My son loved it he would float backwards every time the waves came.

Water slides in Nashville Shores

We then went on the slides. There was quite a line, but it went pretty fast. There was a person who would guide you on when to start the ride, and how to be safe during the ride. My favorite was The Music City Slide. You would lie facing down on your tummy and with your feet push yourself downward. It gave me a rush, my stomach felt like it dropped. It was an amazing feeling.

After a while, we got hungry so we decided to go eat. I got a hamburger, the meat was great, very well cooked. The lettuce and tomatoes were really fresh. They also gave us beans and potato salad for our sides, also great.

Just when we thought the day was over, they began to play “Madagascar” the movie. We decided to stay and watch the film. The night was perfect, the stars were out, and the weather was perfect. Nashville Shores water park is a great place for you to enjoy a day with the family. They have great rides for adults and children, and the food is delicious.