Nashville’s Best Breakfast: Pancake Pantry

Pancake Pantry dishes out Nashville’s best breakfast. If you’re looking for a delicious, southern, affordable breakfast, join us at Pancake Pantry. Rain or shine, there will be a line — but these flapjacks are worth the wait! Nestled on a corner in Nashville’s trendy Hillsboro Village, Pancake Pantry has been in the same historic building since it opened in 1961. The cozy dining room will make you feel as though you’ve sat down at your grandma’s dinner table, and your server will probably remind you of a bit of the old lady herself. The only difference? You probably won’t run into Taylor Swift or Faith Hill at Grandma’s house!

Simply put: the menu redefines pancakes. With over twenty creative and absolutely mouth-watering flavors, you will find yourself wondering how they came up with such amazing combinations. From decadent Sweet Potato pancakes paired with cinnamon cream syrup to buttery crepes filled with warm chocolate ganache and fresh raspberry compote, there’s a pancake for every unique taste!

Not Just Pancakes!

Not only does Pancake Pantry dish out the best pancakes in Nashville, but they offer other equally as delicious traditional menu options. If for some reason you can’t decide on a pancake, you can create your own omelet, order waffles with any topping imaginable, or order up the best-selling French toast. For the especially hungry visitors, the famous Grill Cook’s Medley serves up mounds of hash browns with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and ham, all grilled with melted American and Swiss cheeses with two fried eggs on top. The line might be intimidating, but it moves very quickly; Test it out if you don’t believe us. After the suspenseful wait, you’ll finally take a seat, order, and find that you’ve cleaned your plate in 3 minutes flat. Full, happy, and ready for a nap – you’ll be back on that line in no time!