Nashville Laser Spa – Remove that Unwanted Hair


It is very common for you to feel uncomfortable about unwanted hair growth. Looking in the mirror can be a strenuous activity. By going to Nashville laser spa, you will be able to rid your body of any hair that is not wanted. The staff is very friendly and they all have the same idea about hair: “if you don’t want it, get it off!” No one can blame you for wanting to get rid of the extra hair on your body and face. When you have problems with your teeth do you go to the dentist? So why not come to Nashville Laser Spa when you are having problems with unnatural hair growth? You may try some home remedies, but eventually you will want to come in and check out our state of the art laser equipment. One of the best technologies out there for hair removal is Candela’s GentleMax laser.

The Hair Removal Process

It takes only a few minutes of your valuable time and has no major side effects, not to mention the great looking skin left after the treatment. So, what should you expect when you come in for a consultation? First and foremost, you can expect to be safe and comfortable during your treatment. Each technician takes great pride in providing you with effective and safe treatments. You’ll wear safety eyewear to protect your eyes from the laser light. Your technician will guide the laser to the treatment areas with a small laser hand piece. Once your technician begins treatments, you’ll feel a short pulse of cool air which cools your skin for safety and comfort. Within milliseconds of the cooling effect you’ll feel the laser pulse to target your active hair follicles. LaserFast hair removal treatments are very quick and small areas such as underarms take just a few minutes, while larger areas such as legs may take a little longer.