Nashville Coffee – Barista Parlor

Nashville CoffeeWelcome to the most hipster coffee bar in Nashville. While normally that might come off as an insult, I genuinely like the Barista Parlor vibe. Yes, you will wait in line behind some of the most oddly clothed people you’ve ever seen. Yes, you will not know what you want to order because there are no menus. Yes, you will feel stupid because the menu can only be read by the most knowledgable coffee drinkers, and even not then. But this is what makes Barista Parlor so unique. It’s the anti-Starbucks, a place for real coffee enthusiasts and those that are tired of the mass-produced coffee of America. Located in the up-and-coming East Nashville, this coffee shop is situated perfectly with all of Nashville’s most unique, custom shops, restaurants, and nightlife. The area certainly caters to the more adventurous and artistic side of Nashville. All of this does come at a cost, of course, but the general allure of Barista Parlor may just be worth it.

East Nashville’s Best Coffee

While the barista’s themselves have often been described as snobby, this means you’re about to experience some seriously good coffee, no matter what you order. The baristas believe so much in their wild contraptions and coffee techniques that they will openly ridicule you for wanting to put any additives, so avoid the milk and sugar requests if possible. On the food side, Barista Parlor has a variety of options that will please even the harshest critic. I highly recommend the sausage biscuit for a breakfast snack. Don’t look for a particular comfy place to sit for long, but the furniture is hip and there is free wifi. Barista Parlor has its qwerks, sometimes even intentionally, but for all the crazy coffee protectionism, Barista Parlor serves some of the best Nashville coffee and is one of my favorite hipster coffee shops.