Martin’s BBQ Joint The Best BBQ in Nashville

best bbq in nashvilleLooking for the best BBQ in Nashville? Look no farther than Martin’s BBQ Joint with locations in Nolensville and Hermitage and coming soon to Belmont Blvd. in Nashville, TN.

The South is known for having some of the tastiest BBQ around, so when you’re searching for some of the good stuff it might seem like quite the undertaking with all of the choices available. I’m here to help end that search by telling you about a joint that serves some of the best BBQ in Nashville, arguably some of the best in the US.

Martin’s BBQ Joint is the creating of Pat Martin who opened it in 2006 above an auto mechanic shop in Nolensville, TN 37135. What started as a small, local BBQ eatery grew into a travel destination with the opening of a larger custom-built location just down the street at 7238 Nolensville Rd., Nolensville, TN 37135.

When you pull up you’re presented with a nicely built brick and mortar establishment. There are no flashy signs or bright billboards guiding you here. If you didn’t know where to look you just might miss it. But I can guarantee after the first time you find it, you won’t forget where it is.

Upon opening the door you are greeted with the sights, sounds, and smells of a good ol’ BBQ joint. From the album covers and license plates that adorn the walls, the rock and country tunes playing, to the garage door dividers, this place just makes you want to grab a bite, a beer, and a free Moonpie and hang out. Try not to stand and stare too much when you walk in, save that for when you sit down. You won’t want to disturb the flow of the ordering process. No “fancy” menus for you to sit and ponder over at this place. There is one huge menu on the wall that shows all the fare available for your consumption. All you have to do is decide which of the delectable items you will enjoy. Of course there are the standards; pulled pork, ribs, smoked chicken, even burgers, but their standout creation is the Redneck Taco. It’s a whole new take on BBQ! Succulent, smoked meat (of your choosing) atop a spicy griddle dropped cornbread hoecake that is slathered in their homemade coleslaw and BBQ sauce. I recommend the Brisket on your Redneck Taco. Yummy. And its only $10 for a generous portion that will leave you more than satisfied.

Whole Hog from the Best BBQ in Nashville

If you’re lucky enough to get there while they have a whole hog on the pit you are in for a treat! Martin’s has a special built pit that is located inside their restaurant. Yes, I said “inside” the restaurant. You have front row access to the preparation. You can watch them load the hog, season the hog and take the hog off when it is ready for eating. It really is a site to see and smell. That is one of the reasons it has be featured on a little program called Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network. Once that episode aired, and re-aired not only were people coming from all over the middle Tennessee area, they were coming from all over the country to get a taste of what good BBQ is.

So, make the drive and treat yourself to some of the best BBQ in Nashville at Martin’s BBQ Joint. If it looks too crowded for your liking take advantage of their drive-thru window to get your goods and enjoy them at your destination of choice. Either way you won’t regret the trip and you’ll love the food.