Jazz and Jokes Nashville TN

Jazz and Jokes

Jazz and Jokes is a comedy club which is the best when it comes to ending your week with a laugh.

Jazz & Jokes in Nashville TN is a spot that I will always go to in order to get a good laugh or have some fun. The atmosphere is always positive, jazzy, classy, and grown-up. I love this club because everyone seems to dress classy but casual at the same time. The music is tasteful and never too mind blowing and every time that I have come here has been excellent because it seems as if everyone who works here is friendly. Even the crowd here all seem as if they are having fun and enjoying this place. The comedians that come to Jazz & Jokes to do shows always make me laugh. There has not yet been one time that I was unsatisfied. Even though this place can get pretty crowed, there is always enough seats. There was a line that I had to stand in, but I didn’t have to stay in line for a long time. The greeters were quick to card everyone and bring them in. The wait was well worth it. The greeters were very warm and welcoming, and I felt very welcomed once seated. The food here goes hand in hand with the rating of this club. I can see myself coming here “in the near future” looking forward to dinner, and the waiters are always great and quick to ask if anything is needed. This place was modeled for however many people. I also love this place because it is very clean, neat, and unique. I love the warm lighting fixers that spread through this club. This alone really sets the mood of this jazzy place. I will always have Jazz and Jokes in Nashville TN in my top picks when it comes to having fun in the famous music city of Nashville.

Rating by arielle: 5.0 stars

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