Hattie B’s



The Best hot chicken in Nashville, hands down, goes to Hattie B’s Hot chicken. You can either get light meat, dark meat, wings or tenders. Then you have the option of 6 different flavors of heat. You can either get Southern, mild, medium, hot, damn hot, or shut the cluck up.

In addition to all the options you have with your chicken, you get to pick two homemade side dishes to go along with it. You options are pimento mac & cheese, cole slaw, redskin potato salad, French fries, southern greens, black beans or black-eyed pea salad. I recommend the tenders – medium heat with the mac and cole slaw. The medium heat is just hot enough so it is not burning your mouth, but it still has a whole lot of flavor. I love the tenders because they have all the flavor of the bone yet without the bone to eat around. I would choose the mac and cole slaw because frankly they are the best helpings of mac and cole slaw I have ever had.  Hattie B’s also has a catering option. You can get the chicken by platters or you can get the sides by quarts.

I  love the restaurant because of the atmosphere. It is a very small eater that is always packed with people. The tables kind of have the look of picnic tables. And the music that is played in the background is a Motown era music. It gives it a very ‘I am eating at home with friends’ kind of feel. Every time I have ever walked into the restaurant I am always greeted by the friendly staff. The owner, Nick, is always learning the ‘regulars’ customers names. Hattie B’s offers the best hot chicken in Nashville. It has good prices, people and food- everything someone would be looking for in a restaurant.