Great Mexican Food in Nashville

Chagos Cantina serves great Mexican food in Nashville, Tennessee. The cuisine is delicious, and you always know what you are getting. It is authentic Mexican food, which I love. When you first sit down you get chips and salsa free, but they also have good guacamole or queso if that is your preference.

A good queso with chips is my weakness, and Chagos has a great cheese. One of my favorite dishes is their fajitas. Also, the atmosphere is laid back and open. You can sit inside or outside. There is a patio area that is covered and feels like an inside/outside vibe, which is the best of both worlds, especially when it is hot outside. The staff is always nice and welcoming as well.

Great Mexican food Nsahville

Chagos Cantina Fajitas

It is popular among college students because it is located on Belmont Blvd. in a strip of restaurants and shops right next to Belmont University. You can walk right over to Chagos from class to get great Mexican food whenever you want. Students who have meal plans on their ID cards are able to use them at Chagos as well. Also, happy hour lasts from 3-7 PM, although alcohol is not permitted on the Belmont ID cards.

There is a bar area in there, but when it is a little quieter during the day it is a great place to prop up your school stuff and study as there are plenty of different types of seating to choose from. I particularly prefer the taller countertop that has stools to sit on because it is ideal for setting up your laptop and sitting alone without taking up a whole table. Oh, and don’t worry, they don’t constantly play loud Mexican music in there. I was there today and they had a country music station on, but it wasn’t loud.

Around meal times, and especially at dinner, Chagos Cantina is almost always packed, so the atmosphere is livelier and louder. It is a fun place to have dinner and/or drinks with friends and socialize.