Frothy Monkey Coffee Nashville, TN


Located in the heart of Nashville’s popular 12 South neighborhood, Frothy Monkey Coffee (known as ‘Frothy’ to all locals) is quite the neighborhood attraction. Frothy Monkey is established and respected and basically always busy- full of mostly college-aged / young adults whether chatting, studying, or grabbing a quick coffee and bite to eat on the way to work or class. Frothy Monkey is located in an old house revamped into a gloriously homey and lively coffee shop. Though seating can be limited during peak hours, Frothy offers a variety of seating, whether a booth, small table, tall table, couch, or outdoor on the porch.

Frothy Monkey’s Triple Threat- Food, Drink, and Setting

Frothy Monkey is definitely a Nashville coffee staple (obvious by its popularity), but why? The answer lies in Frothy’s triple threat: outstanding food, drink, and setting. These three aspects are what make Frothy Monkey irresistible to the Nashville crowd and top in the Nashville coffeehouse scene.

1. Food- Frothy Monkey Coffee offers a diverse menu including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food is fresh, delicious, and affordable. Whether the oatmeal with fresh fruit, walnuts, and steamed local milk, the Royale sandwich with smoked turkey, Swiss, and basil mayo, the Lucy mixed green salad with port marinated berries and blood orange vinaigrette, or the flavorful alfresco rigatoni pasta with creamy crushed tomato sauce, you’re sure to find something on the menu that you enjoy. And not only is the food delicious, but it’s also reasonably priced ($6-10) which keeps your stomach as well as pockets full.

2. Drink- Frothy Monkey serves outstanding coffee, espresso drinks, & house-made teas. The baristas are seasoned and skilled- they know how to make espresso drinks smooth and flavorful. Their staple iced coffee, vanilla latte, and fruit tea are my go-to drinks.

3. Setting- Frothy’s setting in the heart of the thriving 12 South neighborhood gives it a major boost over its competitors. So if you’re ever in the Nashville 12 South area, make sure to swing by Frothy Monkey Coffee. Bring a friend and grab a latte and a bowl of house-made granola and you’ll quickly discover why it’s one of Nashville’s favorite coffeehouses.