Diners in Nashville: Back Alley Diner

Diners in Nashville - Back Alley DinerLocated in the heart of the business district, Back Alley Diner may be hard to find for the first time visitor.  Walking down the creepy alley between 4th and 5th Ave near the Arcade, it’s a little intimidating.  But this diner in Nashville is a new up-and-coming bar/diner that everyone loves.  Ranked as one of the top diners in Nashville, Back Alley Diner, or BAD for short, has quality food for a low cost.  The Southwest Burger, filled to the brim with bacon, barbeque sauce, onion straws, and cheddar cheese all on Texas Toast is to die for.  It is a huge meal that comes with one side (I suggest the fries or the homemade chips) all for the low cost of $8.99.

And even though the food is great here, the service is even better!  I had Ellen as my server and she rocked it.  She was so informed about everything on the menu, continued to refill my Sprite all night, and made me feel like I was home.  I would come back to just to hang out with her again.

Nashville Diner at its Best

Back Alley Diner also has a ton of events going on.  Every Tuesday night, there is a local Singer/Songwriter night.  I went and listened last Tuesday and couldn’t believe how talented the performers were.  And it wasn’t just country, which was a big plus for me.  Each person sang a different genre of music, so it held my attention and didn’t become monotonous listening to the same thing over and over again.

BAD even has live music on Saturday nights, which is more of a full band type deal.  It’s really nice to be off Broadway, not be pushing people in order to get drinks, and still listen to some quality music from some amazing performers, and this diner in Nashville is the place to go if you’re in town for the night in Nashville.  I highly suggest you check it out, and you need to try their homemade chips!

Check out their website for more information! http://www.backalleydiner.com/