Demo’s Restaurant Nashville TN 37201


Demo’s Restaurant Nashville TN 37201

Demo’s Restaurant in Nashville TN a great place to eat

Demo’s in Nashville TN is one of the best steakhouses around the downtown area. I have eaten many steaks in my life and I’m not even that old but Demo’s definitely provides the best steaks I have eaten ever. Not only that but they offer a great selection for those of us who aren’t the meaty steak type of person. One of the things I really enjoyed is the atmosphere in the place, they have a great selection of music and it’s just a family environment. The location is always been an issue for me I’m just not a fan of the downtown area mainly because it’s a pain to drive through there but I guess it’s worth since the food is so great. Demo’s is a great place to also have meetings or to have a good lunch break, the selection on the lunch menu is actually pretty decent for those of us who want something cheaper and just not a big size portion. That’s something else I like about Demo’s restaurant.

Th Pastas are really, really good at Demo’s with just the right amount of sauce and spaghetti. I have heard a lot of complaints about the other food the restaurant serves but to tell you the truth I have found no problems with it at all. I guess it just depends on your taste and what you like, but if your not a fan of a certain type of food then my suggestion is don’t buy it and write bad reviews of the place just because of one thing. Demo’s does a great job on offering different meals for all types of audiences no I see no reason why they wouldn’t like it.

The place is really family oriented, it mostly consist of casual crowds just looking for a great time and good food. Music wise well it;s what you would expect from the are were located. Country music is king as we all know in Nashville so expect that to be your main selection in the restaurant. Overall is a good place to relax.

Demo’s restaurant, the portions are huge I mean I had a had time trying to finish the food that I had order and let me tell you when that happens I know for sure that I got served a good amount because it really never happens. Overall Demo’s is a great place to eat, relax and have a good time. If you’re gonna be in the Nashville downtown area then stop by Demo’s restaurant and have a bite to eat.


Rating by josue: 4.5 stars

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