Cannery Ballroom Nashville TN

Cannery Ballroom Nashville TNCannery Ballroom Nashville TN

Cannery Ballroom in Nashville TN is an amazing music venue located in the heart of Nashville.

The Cannery Ballroom in Nashville TN, is an amazing local music venue. They have a full bar, for those who are over the age of twenty-one. Usually they only have twenty-one and up shows, but my friends around this time last year found a show that was eighteen and up that we could go to. We went there for one of their birthday’s and it was the best show that I have been too in Nashville.

The atmosphere fits the venue, the acoustics were also amazing. Though it is in a ‘L’ shape, and some people actually don’t like that, I thought it was pretty sweet. My friends and I were fifth row back in the crowd, and we could see everything that was going on stage. Cannery Ballroom is the bigger venue to Mercy Lounge, which is in the same building, and they are owned by the same people. So Cannery Ballroom tends to get the bigger acts that come to them.

Cannery Ballroom is located on Cannery Row, between Eighth Ave and Seventh Ave. Unlike most places in Nashville they have there own parking as well, in which they are very reasonable with there pricing on parking.

As soon as I walked into Cannery Ballroom I knew they were more organized then most venues around the city. They had separate lines for people who already had their tickets, and a line for people who still needed to purchase them. I was in the line that needed to still purchase the tickets, and it went pretty fast. They then had people checking ID’s, marking those who were until twenty-one with giant “X’s” on both hands. Of course I had those too, but as soon as you get through all of that you enter the ‘L’ shaped venue and after that it is all about enjoying the music.

Cannery Ballroom is an amazing venue to go see shows, though they may be twenty-one and up in which you can just check their site or call up there too see if they are or not. I will defiantly be back to see another show, I just have to find a good one to go see. Cannery Ballroom in Nashville TN is the music venue to go to that is for sure.

Rating by marissaw: 5.0 stars

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