Bricktops: Fine Dining in Nashville


Fine Dining Nashville

Fine Dining Done Right


Nashville has recently seen a rise in fine dining, however BrickTop’s separates itself from the pack in both its sophisticated environment and quality of food.  The deep rich colors of the restaurant, elegant seating options, and distinct artwork facilitate great conversations and a unique dining experience.  During breaks in the conversation, I watched as our meals were dutifully prepared through the glass of the open-style kitchen.  I found the front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations to be impressive.

The main courses at BrickTops are sure to impress.  You and your company will be able to make the perfect decision while choosing from flatbread options, high quality steaks, enormous salad dishes, and fresh seafood.  The service is there each step of the way to describe meals, ingredients that are used, and even offer suggestions.  In my family, we are competitive over who can order the best food from a given restaurant.  We try each others food to see who ordered the best meal.   Also, if my sister copies what I order, she risks being publicly humiliated.  At BrickTops this seems never to happen.  With such a large and quality menu, we never seem to make a definitive decision whether  the Prime Rib or Bistro Chicken wins!


Best Appetizers in Town


Appetizers are the ideal way to share the evening with friends, family, and acquaintances.  BrickTop’s grilled artichoke delight visitors as they peel of each leaf to dip in aioli.  A tasty guacamole and salsa bowl and a delightful spinach and artichoke dip are also offered.  In particular, the deviled eggs and sugar bacon appetizer is different from anything I have ever tried in all of my life.  In a good way!  Picture the combination of two of the best things in this world: bacon and candy.  Make your reservation today.