Best Food Truck in Nashville: The Grilled Cheeserie

Best Food Truck in Nashville: The Grilled Cheeserie

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The Grilled Cheeserie Truck

Food Truck Trend

A growing trend in Nashville’s culture in the past few years have been centered on mobile food trucks that travel throughout the city. These food trucks have become so popular that you can almost find any types of food from causal to gourmet. The way a food truck works is that the truck is specially designed with the kitchen in it. The chefs make the food in the truck and the customers receive the food from the window, so it is somewhat like a drive-thru except the truck is mobile. A common question most people ask is how do you find the trucks if they are always on the go. A big part of their marketing is through social media so you can look on twitter and always find where they are. A few of them have a text service were you can text in to find the location.

The Grilled Cheeserie

A lot of people ask what the best food truck in Nashville is, the one that is continually raved about is The Grilled Cheeserie. This truck was one of the first food trucks in the Nashville community, and it serves gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. A lot of people like the unique dining experience, and a grilled cheese sandwich is always a classic favorite. It also is a mobile food that you can eat while you walk which is key for an outdoor vendor since most customers are walk-ups.


I have eaten at The Grilled Cheeserie a hand-full of times, and I absolutely love it. The homemade recipes are so different and diverse from your normal grilled cheese sandwich. The must have on the menu is the Tennessee BBQ grilled cheese sandwich so you get the full local experience. All meals also come with a free homemade pickle. The prices have gone up over the past few years due to high demand; however, I would definitely consider it to be an affordable meal.

To find The Grilled Cheeserie and check it out for yourself: Text Cheese to 880000!