Bobby’s Idle Hour is the Best Dive Bar In Nashville

Nestled on a corner, midway down 16th avenue on Music Row is the best dive bar in Nashville - known as Bobby’s Idle Hour Tavern. For the past 35 years it has actually been the only live music venue located on Music Row. Don’t let the term … [Read more...]

Bricktops: Fine Dining in Nashville

  Fine Dining Done Right   Nashville has recently seen a rise in fine dining, however BrickTop's separates itself from the pack in both its sophisticated environment and quality of food.  The deep rich colors of the restaurant, … [Read more...]

Mafiaozas – Best Pizza in Nashville

Mafiaozas is located on 12th south and is neighbor to restaurants like Burger up, Urban Grub, Tacqueria De Sol, and the Frothy Monkey. I am adamant in the idea that 12th south is home to some of the best restaurants on this side of Nashville. … [Read more...]

Nashville Coffee – Barista Parlor

Welcome to the most hipster coffee bar in Nashville. While normally that might come off as an insult, I genuinely like the Barista Parlor vibe. Yes, you will wait in line behind some of the most oddly clothed people you've ever seen. Yes, you will … [Read more...]

Jackson’s Bar and Bistro, Nashville TN

Jackson’s Bar and Bistro, located in Nashville’s trendy Hillsboro Village, is one of my favorite spots in the city. Some people are intimidated by its trendy vibe and still others are put off by the issue of finding a place to park, but let’s … [Read more...]

Nashville Laser Spa – Remove that Unwanted Hair

It is very common for you to feel uncomfortable about unwanted hair growth. Looking in the mirror can be a strenuous activity. By going to Nashville laser spa, you will be able to rid your body of any hair that is not wanted. The staff is very … [Read more...]

Great Mexican Food in Nashville

Chagos Cantina serves great Mexican food in Nashville, Tennessee. The cuisine is delicious, and you always know what you are getting. It is authentic Mexican food, which I love. When you first sit down you get chips and salsa free, but they also … [Read more...]

Diners in Nashville: Back Alley Diner

Located in the heart of the business district, Back Alley Diner may be hard to find for the first time visitor.  Walking down the creepy alley between 4th and 5th Ave near the Arcade, it’s a little intimidating.  But this diner in Nashville is a … [Read more...]

Sushi Lunch Specials in Nashville

Sushi Lunch Specials in Nashville Ken's Sushi has been my go to sushi spot for the past few years. It may take a minute to find a parking spot since only street parking is available, but a if you're lucky and go at an off time there are usually … [Read more...]

Burger Up-Local restaurants in Nashville

On any given Friday night, 12th Avenue South is bustling with hungry people looking for a good place to eat. If they make it to 12th and Paris, they will happen upon one of the best local restaurants in Nashville. Burger Up greets its patrons with … [Read more...]